Pattens Group - Michael R

“I can’t tell you how many problems we’ve had over the years with our locks. Whether they just seize up and stop working, or the keys stick and we have a hard time turning, it is really frustrating. The original developer of the office building really skimped on the cost of locks. We didn’t want to do the installation ourselves or hire an independent contractor who didn’t know what he was doing, so we decided to look into some professional locksmiths instead. In the area, there only seems to be one business that has a ton of five star reviews, and that is this one. Naturally, with so many positive reviews, we decided to go with this business over others listed in area, because no one had as consistently good reviews as this business. It turns out that our trust was not ill-placed, as the installation of our new locks was done quickly.”

Local Resident –Tim C

“I made the stupid mistake of misplacing one of my keys on the way to work. I commute a long way for my job, so obviously this was a bad situation. Since it was six o’ clock in the morning, I looked on my phone to try and find a local locksmithing company that served during out of hours times, since it was ungodly early in the morning for most companies to be coming out. Luckily, I found this company, which had great reviews from what I was able to see. Multiple local sites reviewed them, and there was even a write-up in the newspaper about their business, which was nice to see. They were out in about 20 minutes when I called them for emergency unlocking services, and they had my car open really quickly. They advised me to go get a new key from the dealership and that I could come back later and get duplicates of my new transponder key from them.”

Local Resident – Kendra J

“I’ve recommend this business to other people after having my first experience with them. When they unlocked my front door for me when I got locked out by my child (he is two years old and pushed the door closed when I was taking out the bin). Luckily, I had my cell phone with me as well, so I was able to call this company from a list of numbers on Google. Working with them was an absolute pleasure, and I would do so again in a heartbeat—but let’s hope I don’t have to! Getting locked out is really bothersome, and I’d prefer to stay indoors, thank you very much! Since then, I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ve started keeping a spare key on me at all times in the back fold of my wallet. They actually made this key for me free of charge when I called them out for the emergency locksmith service, which was quite kind of them, considering they must have had to pay for materials as well.”

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